Instructor/Black Belt

  • JBJJF All Japan Championship 2nd place (Black belt, Medium Heavy weight, 2020)
  • IBJJF Boston International Open 1st place (Brown belt, Medium Heavy weight, 2018)
  • IBJJF Seattle International Open 1st place (Purple belt, Middle weight, 2017)
  • Fight to Win Pro 2-0-0
I had trained BJJ in Seattle in the US before I started working for CarpeDiem Mita. At the beginning of staying in the US, I could not speak English at all and did not have any friends. However, BJJ boosted my confidence and helped me to socialize with wonderful people. Although the impression of BJJ can be intimidating or dangerous, anyone can enjoy BJJ with amazing people regardless of gender and age. I am looking forward to sharing the greatness of BJJ with you.
My favorite techniques
Take down ,Foot lock ,Passguard
Reading, Dog-walking, and napping
Why I started BJJ
I used to be a professional boxer. One day, I was amazed by the practicality of grappling techniques when I was watching MMA on TV, and I switched to be a BJJ fighter.
Private lesson prices
¥48,000 / 4 time package



108-0014, Tokyo, Minato City, Shiba, 5 Chome−1−13, Mitsuwa Mita building B1
Phone: 03-6435-4803
7 minutes walk from JR Tamachi station/ 7 minutes walk from Toei Chikatetsu Mita station/ 6 minutes walk from Toei Chikatetsu Akabanebashi station