Danilo Hamazaki

  • JBJJF All Japan 1st place(Blue Belt, Light, open weight ,2019)
  • IBJJF Asian International Championship 1st place (Blue Belt, Light, open weight ,2019)
  • UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Grandslam Tokyo 1st place (Blue Belt, -73kg, 2019)
My name is Danilo Hamazaki, one of the staff members at CarpeDiem Mita. I started Jiujitsu when I was 8 years old. I had been unathletic and also not motivated to do anything. However, I have been madly into Jiujitsu, and wanting to become the best at it. I have a feeling that my dream just became one step closer to the reality since I joined CarpeDiem Mita. I'm full of gratitude. Thank you.
Favorite techniques
Takedowns and guard passes.
Watching anime
Why I started Jiujitsu
When I was a 3rd degree elementary school student, I was bullied by someone. However, as time went by, I became a close friend with him somehow, and he introduced me to Jiujitsu. I have never been athletic, but I started really liking Jiujitsu.
Private lesson prices
¥30,000 / 4 time package



108-0014, Tokyo, Minato City, Shiba, 5 Chome−1−13, Mitsuwa Mita building B1
Phone: 03-6435-4803
7 minutes walk from JR Tamachi station/ 7 minutes walk from Toei Chikatetsu Mita station/ 6 minutes walk from Toei Chikatetsu Akabanebashi station